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Headstone Quotes - Headstone Inscriptions - Ideas

Headstone Quotes - Choosing headstone quotes can be on of the most personal decisions one has to make when preparing for the burial of a loved one. Once inscribed on the headstone, it will exist for all to see and should be something that will pay honor and tribute to the one who has passed.

There are lots of sources for headstone quotes from the bible to quotes of historians and philosophers. As long as there have been headstones, there have been epitaphs inscribed on them. When pressed with the immediate task of choosing just the right words, it's easy for one to feel overwhelmed and confused.

Many turn to the bible where you can find any number of verses including Psalm 23 that have been used for centuries. Others will turn to books of poems that maybe a loved one may have cherished. Whatever the source for the quotes, it should be an easy choice to make in a stressful time of grief. Preparing ahead of time by finding headstone quotes and inscription ideas will make things a bit easier knowing you have this one task completed before the moment of need.


Headstone quotes serve as a lasting tribute to the loved ones who have died, and through a few select words, their memories can last forever with those who loved and cared for them. Another popular headstone inscription can include lyrics from songs. Taking a line or two from the favorite song of your loved one can help to always remember a fun time or a special moment in the past. By using this type of inscription it can have a special meaning that was shared by only the two of you.

Complete list of funeral poems and quotes for headstones and eulogies.

Songs and music have always been a part of celebration and this is just another way to celebrate the life of your loved one. It adds a personal touch, something that you will always remember and can trigger that special moment that you shared. Many couples will decide on their headstone quotes long before the time of need which will help ease the pain and stress during the final preparation. I can remember my parents made their choices years before my mother passed away making that part of the funeral planning much easier. You to may want to consider making your choice of headstone quotes in advance.

Making headstone quotes special, one that will show the love shared is a choice that has to be made, but should never be a burden. There are many quotes, songs, verses and poems to choose from and to help in your time of grief, you may want to start by taking a look at the many poems you will find through out this well thought out book, "Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep" which is filled with over 250 comfort poems. The right words, right now. Make it easy when choosing headstone quotes. more

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